Nearly everyone who participates in western disciplines appreciates the value placed on the horse by the Native Americans of the Plains. We admire the painted symbols – hand prints, ringed eyes and other marks that told a story of success and empowerment in battle. The Good Medicine™ Collection offers today’s “warrior” the opportunity to saddle their horse with unique hand loomed 100% New Zealand wool blankets that feature the symbols that protected and empowered both horse and rider of the Plains over 100 years ago. Each Good Medicine™ is designed in the United States and hand loomed of 100% New Zealand wool.

Morning Star© Legend

The morning star symbol is very powerful. It confers hope, it guides and it is a sign of courage and purity of spirit. The morning star is found on each side of the blanket. Rectangles on each end of the pattern symbolize steadfastness and reliability, a solid foundation needed in every horse. The pattern of right angle triangles along the sides combine to give strength, self confidence(facing left) and talent, a divine gift (facing right). The five center vertical lines offer immediate spiritual power. The Morning Star© blanket empowers the horse and rider with courage, strength and confidence. It honors the divine gifts of a pure spirit, talent and spiritual strength.

Pony Tracks©

The pony track symbol painted on prized war ponies represented captured horses. Today we might consider these captures as winning runs. Pony Tracks also offers the horse and rider two types of protection. The arrow heads with circle ward off evil spirits. The fence symbol guards good luck. The placement of these powerful symbols on all four sides of the blanket covers the horse from head to tail and side to side. The many pony tracks celebrate past wins. Pony Tracks offers the horse and rider protection as they seek future successes.