No Fear Good Medicine Saddle Blanket


NEW FOR 2021

The pattern of right angle triangles combine to give strength, self-confidence (facing left) and talent, a divine gift (facing right). The triangles are balanced with diamonds – a protective symbol that also represents eternal equality, unity and freedom from fear. Lightning is represented by zigzags. The lightning symbol was painted on the horse’s legs to confer swiftness. The trident is a decorative element that crossed cultures. It likely came from the ancient Greeks who associate it with Poseiden, their god of the sea and creator of horses. The No Fear blanket empowers the horse and rider with confidence, courage and the divine gift of talent. It offers strength, speed and power to the horse and rider. No Fear honors the bond between people and horses that has thrived for thousands of years. 100% New Zealand Wool
Size: 38″ x 34″

Qty/10 per color

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Weight 76.8 oz
Dimensions 34 × 19 × 1.5 in

Black-Brown, Grey-Black, Turquoise-Brown